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In 2016, Nevada voters approved the Nevada Marijuana Legalization Initiative ("Question 2"), which legalizes recreational marijuana as of January 1, 2017.

No matter how you voted on Question 2, you probably realize that legalization is a dramatic change that will have significant economic, social, health and legal consequences - both expected and unexpected.

You probably also know that legalization is a controversial issue. Question 2 received 602,463 "Yes" votes (54.47%) and 503,644 "No" votes (45.53%).


Now that recreational marijuana has been legalized, it falls to the state, county and city governments to determine what form legalization will take and what regulations will be put in place.


Our Mission

Take an Informed Approach

We need to learn from the experiences of states which have already legalized recreational marijuana. By studying the challenges they have faced and the regulations they have adopted, we can prevent problems here in Nevada before they occur.

Respect Non-Users' Rights

In the discussion about legalizing marijuana, both sides have ignored the crucial matter of non-users' rights. Secondhand marijuana smoke has adverse health effects and can cause varying levels of intoxication in bystanders.


This is particularly an issue in residential areas and multi-unit housing, where users are allowed to consume marijuana on their private property, but the smoke pollutes nearby homes.


We seek to protect the right to choose not to consume marijuana, by prohibiting the generation and consumption of airborne THC.

By respecting non-users, we believe that legalization will occur more smoothly and successfully.

Promote Public Education

Public perception of marijuana is not consistent with current scientific research. We believe the government should ensure that the public receives objective, factual information about marijuana, so that they can make well-informed decisions about consumption.

At the same time, the government needs to be vigilant in preventing the industry from making unsubstantiated health claims about its product.

Prevent Promotion of Marijuana

Marijuana use carries significant health and public safety consequences. While many people who use marijuana in moderation may never be negatively affected, marijuana use can be very harmful to some.


As with any other drug, marijuana use should never be promoted or encouraged. For this reason, we support stringent regulations on the advertising, merchandising and promotion of recreational marijuana, similar to the regulations in place for tobacco products.

May 23, 2017

Reno City Council To Consider Temporary Retail Marijuana Licenses

The Reno City Council will consider authorizing temporary retail marijuana licenses. 


These licenses would be issued to dispensaries so they could sell recreational marijuana under temporary regulations, as the Department of Taxation has not yet developed permanent regulations.

Public comment can be made at the beginning and end of the meeting and also when a specific agenda item is considered.

The meeting will be held at City Hall on 1 East First St., the corner of Virginia and First.

May 14, 2017

Nevada State Legislature May Restrict Local Control

This week the Assembly Committee on Judiciary will vote on SB344.  This bill carries an amendment that would prevent local governments from enacting stricter controls on the "packaging, labeling, testing, dosage or

potency of marijuana and related products."

Even more concerningly, it prevents local governments from restricting "the kinds of marijuana and related products which may be sold under state law and regulation."

This would prevent cities and counties from restricting the sale of marijuana smoking and vaping supplies, and as such we strongly oppose it.  Communities that want to keep their air free of secondhand smoke and vapor might well wish to restrict marijuana sales to non-airborne forms.


This portion of the amendment serves only the marijuana industry, which wants to force local governments to make an all-or-nothing choice regarding marijuana sales.  Industry lobbyists have been extremely active and influential at the state level, and would prefer all regulations to be made at that level.

Please email or call Senator Farley, the primary sponsor of the bill, and request that she remove this portion of the amendment (4a and 4b).


Call:  775-684-1445

May 02, 2017

Petition the Reno City Council

On April 26, the Reno City Council chose not to schedule a vote on a temporary moratorium for retail marijuana business licenses.


We've started a petition on, requesting that the Reno City Council place a 2-year moratorium on licensing recreational marijuana businesses and events.  This will provide the city with the time it needs to find out what form of legalization Reno residents want and address their concerns.

Please sign and share with other Reno residents!

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